Thursday, April 23, 2009

Snake Xenzia Cheats

Nokia Snake Xenzia Cheats Codes Tips and Tricks

Snake Xenzia is the most entertaining game in Nokia Mobile Phones. Most people have trouble like missing buttons or when the snake grows too large difficult to handle. Results its getting very hard to raise your high score. I am gonna tell you an amazing trick with you can score as much you want. So here it is.

First of all go to games menu and run Snake Xenzia. Select the level of your game which suites you, it’s important because when you start building your score you can not change level if you do your game will be restarted and you lose all your score.

Second thing you need scroll down to the Game Type options and select Campaign.

Now stat a New Game, you will see a maze(wall) around the screen and a progress bar in bottom right corner. Pause the game and scroll down to the Game Type options again, you will see Campaign option selected don’t change any option and select campaign again.

Quit the game and then start it again, choose continue, BANG!!!!. You will see that maze(wall) around the screen is gone and you are free to go from one side to another just like the classic game, but you will notice that snake is small and progress bar is still down there. Now all you have to do is fill the progress bar which takes 12 balls and the stage is finished. Now you will find yourself again in the first position which is maze(wall) around the screen and a progress bar in the bottom right corner.

Pause the game again and go to Game Type options and select highlighted option which is Campaign. Quit the game, start it again press Continue, it’s interesting maze is gone snake is small progress bar is there and the most amazing thing your score is still the same you left in your last stage. Done.
This is a step by step list.

• Game Type(Campaign)
• New Game
• Pause
• Game Type(Campaign)
• Quit
• Start
• Continue

Tested on: 1110,1110i,1112,1600,1200,1208,1209,2310.
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Download Snake2 for s40 Mobile Phones.

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  1. is there another cheat for snake games except this one?